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The Oaks is a vibrant town in the western section of the Shire. The town is host to a wide variety of businesses situated along the main street and boasts many home based traders.

The Oaks is surrounded by the prime agricultural belt and many businesses hinge off the agricultural industry including veterinary, hardware and others.

All service businesses to the local community are active in The Oaks with the local community already prospering from a "Shop Local" culture.

The Oaks is home to the Wollondilly Heritage Centre showcasing the history of the mining and agricultural industries.

The Oaks enjoys good passing trade from tourists visiting the boutique businesses in the surrounding area and Burragorang Lookout. The Oaks is situated on the Greater Blue Mountains Drive and it is anticipated this touring route will prosper from increased group tour visitation in the near future.

There is a hotel, service stations, fresh fruit and veg store, supermarket, post office, beauty, video and many more.

Students from The Oaks attend The Oaks Primary School or Camden and Picton High Schools, or Wollondilly Anglican College.

If you are thinking about starting a business or would like more information about the businesses in The Oaks, please contact:

Economic Development, Wollondilly Shire Council (02) 4677 1179


The Oaks Community Chamber of Commerce Ph: (02) 4677 1179

The Burragorang Chamber of Commerce Ph: (02) 4677 1179

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