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Silverdale is considered one of Wollondilly's Northern Villages. Situated alongside Warragamba, this area has a collective of rural activities.

Silverdale is a modern township boasting a shopping centre with local service businesses including supermarket, café, beauty, chemist and professional services. Garden, building and rural supplies offer testament to the growth of this area which is popular with young families and commuters to the Western Suburbs.

Boutique tourism and farm gate opportunities in the Northern Villages are being developed as a tourism product by Wollondilly Shire Council, to be branded the "Wollondilly Harvest Experience". Fresh & organic produce and "Country" experiences offer new home based business opportunities for the population of Silverdale.

Students from Silverdale attend Warragamba Primary School and Penrith High Schools.

If you are thinking about starting a business or would like more information about the businesses in Silverdale, please contact:

Economic Development, Wollondilly Shire Council – (02) 4677 1179


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