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Buxton Village enjoys a close knit sense of community with a large contingent of young families enjoying the quiet country life. Sitting on the interface to the Nattai National Park provides a variety of recreational opportunities to keep the local community active and engaged.

Buxton has a small shopping centre.

Buxton Primary School is a hub of community based activities with students travelling to Picton High School for secondary education.

Couridjah is a locale on the outskirts of Buxton.

Buxton and Couridjah both have heritage railway stations which are utilised by Trainworks for steam train rides and have featured in many TV commercials and movies.

Equestrian and small agricultural businesses flourish as well as home based businesses providing services to locals.

If you are thinking about starting a business or would like more information about the businesses in Buxton, please contact:

Economic Development, Wollondilly Shire Council (02) 4677 1179


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